Example configuration shown for Tailorpill's application of precision "micro-dosing" technology.

About Tailorpill Technologies, LLC
Tailorpill's technological principles can aid automated compounding of custom polypills. Its patented approaches allow any unnecessary ingredients to be avoided (when desired) in producing customized polypills.


What are polypills?

"Polypills" are pills (capsules or tablets) that each contain multiple medications. To be mass-produced (as a fixed-dose combination or FDC), a pill containing particular drugs at particular doses must be developed, trialed, approved, manufactured, and distributed/stocked. Thus as a practical matter, any particular FDC must be suitable for a large number of people.


Can polypills be customized?

Customized polypills can be made by certain compounding pharmacies. Compounding pharmacies are special pharmacies that individually produce medication for particular patients, in accordance with a personalized prescription. As a manual process, it tends to require significant skill and time.


Can customized polypill production be automated?

Production of customized polypills can be automated, which is a key part of making customized polypills more readily available and more likely to be prescribed.

However, automation is only part of the solution. Another issue, for example, is how many different medications can "fit" effectively in a given amount of space - especially considering the significant proportion of inactive ingredients (excipients) commonly added to each Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API). Such excipients are often to aid with an API powder's manipulation or measurement for dispensing to the pills, such as by bulking. Some excipients and formulations are indeed useful for medical purposes, but otherwise, there are multiple benefits in having the option to omit nonfunctional ingredients.


So how can unnecessary excipients be avoided?

That's where Tailorpill comes in! Tailorpill's proprietary approach combines automated polypill compounding and precision "micro-dosing" technology. Such micro-dosing technology, simply put, makes excipients optional. It had previously existed in other contexts, but Tailorpill applies it to the automated compounding of pills prescribed for individual patients. Powder, granules, or microbeads for each drug substance can be dispensed into capsules without need to cause bulking. This expands the range of medicines and forms that can be used - even pure API where appropriate - among various other benefits to avoiding unnecessary material with each medication. 

See U.S. Patents 9168223, 9693932, and 9757308.

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